HIS Elect Media


Jesse Vasquez

Owner / Director / Videographer / Video Editor

When considering your next music video or seeking to get copies of your next album or mixtape, you may want to check out a media company in Dallas, TX. HIS Elect Media, owned and operated by Jesse and Diana Vasquez (wife), have gained a reputation among some of Christian Hip-Hop's most respected artists and producers as a company that offers quality visuals and all types of media at affordable rates, specifically geared to supporting the Christian Hip-Hop community.

Jesse, CEO/Director/Lead Videographer, started HIS Elect Media in 2012 when he shot his first music video using only an iPhone 3 and an old desktop computer that belonged to the church he served at. Since 2001 Jesse has produced 100's of Cable TV programs and videos for churches and ministries everywhere.


Additionally, HIS Elect Media is a full service print and CD Duplication company. To date, Jesse has provided media including disc duplications, business cards, etc for many respected names in Christian Hip Hop.

With regard to films, Jesse is a full time videographer. He has shot and edited many music videos for well-known CHH artist. Jesse has also gained attention by his peers and other upcoming videographers as being someone who is willing to offer advice and training to help others strengthen their gift in video production.

So before you go any where else to order some copies of your new CD, before you order a banner for your product table, before you print some business cards or shot a music video, contact Jesse out in Dallas, TX. His reputation in the CHH community, commitment to quality, and desire to serve the body of Christ, is a step in the right direction. He will make a point to give you the best product for a competitive price.



Video's shot by HIS Elect Media

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To contact HIS Elect Media email Jesse at jesse@hiselectmedia.com

For Booking and Printing call 740-7HE-MEDIA (740-743-6334)