Heart of Flesh

Kansas City, Missouri


√ Official OmniGod Music Group √


Heart of Flesh is a post-hardcore/punk band fresh from Kansas City, MO. Full of grit as a female-fronted band, HoF is set on making their mark in the music industry.

With dynamic, entertaining, and heavy shows; the high-spirited members of the band make the audience feel a part of the show.


By the end of every set each person is engaged, becoming a vital part of the experience. Artists that have shared the stage with HoF have repeatedly asked to play with them again.

Heart of Flesh has shared the stage with bands such as Silver-syde, Earth Groans, Otep, Random Hero, Ilia, Drive Thru Society, Veridia, From Cities Above, Theody, Break the Fall, and more. As well as performing in the 2016 music festivals: Underground Awakening, Underground Awakened, and the Breaking Chains Music Festival.

Currently writing a new EP that will be released late 2017; HoF's new music aims to expand the depths of their roots in the post-hardcore and punk stylings while astonishing their current following.

In the wake of the upcoming release as well as becoming a part of OmniGod Music Group, Heart of Flesh will be in full force pursuing shows and festivals near you!

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HOF JWTA FINAL artwork.png

            Josiah Kramer              Drums

Karen Johnson (Eclipse) Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

    Ariana Strait (Scarlet)    Bass/Vocals

            Elisha Ruhman              Lead Guitar


Crazy people. Loud music.

Colored hair.

To contact Heart of Flesh email them at BookOmniGod@gmail.com