A Product of Grace

Houston, TX / Missouri / Jackson, TN


Hip Hop Artist

Anyone will tell you that you’re supposed to see billboards, not hear them, but Robert Underwood, otherwise known as “G-Child: A Product of Grace,” will say otherwise.

Robert Underwood aka G- Child is a Christian rapper whose story is unlike most Christian musicians. He wasn’t raised in the church and was living what he calls the “street life.”

He was involved in gangs and drugs as a teenager until the day that he heard a voice in his head saying, “If they listen to you for the bad, what makes you think they won’t listen to you for the good?”

G-Child knew immediately that God was calling him to ministry and left his old life behind. However, it took some time for him to find his ministry; music. This is where the billboard idea comes in.

“The music becomes a billboard,” says G-Child, adding he wants to use his music to draw people in so that they can hear the Gospel.

Top-shelf hip-hop production, positive, personal and inspirational lyrics along with catchy hooks all combine to create the “G-Child” sound.

“I was forever rocked by the message of the gospel, my whole life changed, and I feel it’s my responsibility to tell the culture about the one who revives my life.”

His sound is carefully crafted to seamlessly merge into the lane of today’s popular urban formats. However, the special characteristic about G-Child is that his music may cleverly sound sonically similar to your favorite popular hip-hop artists, but rather than put out a message of destruction of his people, G-Child’s music has a spiritual and inspirational message to share with the world.

He has also received his certificate in media communications from Full Sail University and his pursuing his bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Union University. G-child attends Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, TN. He also preaches and teaches occasionally at Heartland Community Church. 


Drugs, gang violence and felons was the life that captivated his mind for a long time. This was the only lifestyle he knew, but somehow he survived the culture. When G-Child heard the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, he was forever rocked by this message. And instead of killing the city, he chose to help rebuild the city. G-Child said, "He is woke,"  and now he is on a mission to wake up the culture.

Armed with a message sealed with TRUTH G- child raps preaches and teaches others this message of truth, this message of hope, this message of love. G-Child has a Heart 4 the city, as a matter of fact, that is the mission, and message coined in everything he does, he feels if you have a Heart 4 Jesus, then you should have a heart 4 the people in the city in the communities, in the church, in the culture.  



Heart 4 The City

To contact or book G-Child email him at RedInkBooking17@gmail.com