Fresh Fire


Recording Artist / Songwriter

Antonio Still, born and raised in Savannah, GA known by his stage name Fresh Fire is an American Recording Artist and songwriter. As a child, Fresh Fire always played sports especially football, which is his first love.

At the age of 17, Fresh Fire start honing his lyrical skills, participating in freestyle cyphers in school mostly during lunch with friends. At the time Fresh Fire didn't realize his talent; he was just having fun.

Soon he began to write songs and he also started attending church services and joined the youth group. While he was involved with the youth group he started writing and performing Christian songs that he wrote.

Once he realized rhyming was his natural God given talent, Fresh Fire started to write songs and perform his musical pieces outside of the church; which is why he can perform inside of a church and/or club; and also why his music stays positive and contains’ a message.

Fresh Fire is focused, ambitious, and a tenacious individual that is passionate about everything he pursues. Not falling into the typical southern recording artist trend, Fresh Fire is truly a unique talent.


Currently, Fresh Fire is performing throughout the state of Georgia, mostly Savannah and Atlanta. Being a seasoned performer, Fresh Fire has traveled throughout the east coast performing in metropolitan and small cities: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Valley, Alabama; Miami & Jacksonville, Florida; New York, New York; Washington DC; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Baltimore, Maryland; He is efficiently building a presence in the recording artist industry.

Being a versatile artist; his music is inspirational to his listeners and fans.

His goal never changes.......



“Influence the world through my lyrics; striving to motivate, inspire, and speak hope into everyone across the state, country, and world at the next level.”

To contact Fresh Fire email him at