London England, United Kingdom

Hip Hop Artist

Fabs is a born again follower of Jesus Christ who believes he is called as an evangelist to minister the gospel on the streets of London, to walk in power, to see people set free and to come to the knowledge of who Jesus Christ truly is.

Fabs was raised in Catholicism but quickly drifted away in his teens trying to find his identity in women, alcohol, minor crime and aggressive behavior. Fabs was a doorman by the age of 19 working in many bars and clubs around London where he found excitement in women and brawls (none of which filled up the gap in his heart). Fabs believes and shares that there were a few times in his life where he could have ended up incarcerated or dead and he is convinced that God, in his grace, intervened and saved him!

Fabs was always involved in rap and would write lyrics from when he was a young boy. He spent time in Madeira (Portugal) performing with his cousin RubenC who was and still is a Portuguese recording artist. 

When Fabs became a Christian he took a few years out from the art of rap but quickly came back after he was encouraged by a pastor to do so.

Fabs doesn't believe in sharing a watered down version of the Gospel in his music. He believes that the truth sets people free so if they hear half truths they won't be fully set free! 

Being lukewarm doesn't taste good to anyone! Give it hot or give it cold!


He loves Jesus and is willing to use any avenue and any means to share the message of Hope. 

Jesus Name in every song on my track list!!

To contact Fabs email him at Fabiojs12@outlook.com