Pittsburgh, PA


Hip Hop Artist

Say hello to Harrison Roberson III, also known by the name "Enkourage." Enkourage is an influential artist who grew up in the Wilkinsburg borough of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up in Wilkinsburg his dad Harrison Jr would play music from genres like hip-hop, rhythm & blues, soul and funk on a daily basis. Harrison's dad was a DJ and collected many albums from early 60's music to anything that was new and popular. When Enkourage was about 8 years of age, he would sneak up to the attic in his home while his parents were at work and play on his dad's music tech equipment. While having no knowledge or experience he simply began to mimic what he seen his dad doing. There was a "Roland TR-707" drum machine Harrison's dad owned he would sneak and play with the drum sounds attempting to make his own drum patterns.

Once he figured out how to use the Roland drum machine, he started to create his own drum patterns and found that not only did he love what he heard but that he was actually good at it.

Later on that inspired him to create his own music and carry on his fathers legacy. At the age of 14 Harrison started to take music seriously which led him to becoming apart of the Hip Hop On Lock (HHOL) Organization owned by the Emmy award-winning Emmai Alaquiva. With HHOL Harrison was to learn a multitude of duties as a record producer and recording artist by gaining hands on experience and shared knowledge. Although the time spent with Emmai Alaquiva and the HHOL Organization was filled with great fun and success, Harrison did not continue to pursue a career with the HHOL Organization. With the knowledge learned he decided to go forth and establish himself as an artist. 

While trying to establish himself, Harrison got caught up in a lifestyle that deterred him from being on the path that the Almighty God called him to be on. When Harrison was a young child he gave his Life to Christ but as he grew he started to take part in the worldly activities which led him to hide from the Almighty God. Smoking weed, drinking, idolatry and fornication became regular occurances for Harrison and caused him to feel fear and conviction in the spirit. When he was 18, Harrison rededicated his life to Christ looking for new a life that would save him from his life. He was tired of living in a way that caused conflict in his heart.

(2 Corinthians 5:17) Therefore any man that be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 

Once his mind was renewed, the content of his music was refreshed. 3 years later, now Harrison is 21 and has changed his rap name from "Butter B" to "Enkourage". His newest album "Soul Refresh" was Produced by Scarecrow Beats and consists of five soothing hip-hop, r&b and soul layered tracks full of faith inspired lyrics that are not only praises sent up to the Most High but that also grab the attention of the listeners conscious. 

The music shows a renewed mind and refreshed soul. "Soul Refresh"

Thank You Jesus!!

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