EmBrace The Forever

Stanly County. North Carolina



Forming in 2013, vocalist, Kenny Holton, and drummer, Noah Black, began writing music in their small hometown of Albemarle, NC. Whenever they began to craft their first ideas for songs, they added in close friends and guitarists, Dj Williamson and Aaron Gibson. 

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The four began creating the content for their debut EP, "The Foundation of Grace" released in 2016. Songs comprised of worship roots with some ambient edge, raw melodies, and authentic instrumentation.

From that moment, the team knew their heart for the alternative rock scene was the direction they wanted to set their focus and work into. With the addition of bassist, Tyler Black, this dynamic group began writing for a new project.

Making the decision to write very open and transparent lyrics, their upcoming album, "Remember // Surrender" (March 16, 2018) deals with topics of anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, self worth, and overcoming adversity.

Songs with soulful and equally as punk filled melodies, full and raw guitar riffs and leads, big bass lines, and pounding drums from Noah, who also screams like a tasmanian devil, in the most positive of ways.


This group has a sound alternative rock, mixed with ambient layers, just enough indie to make it feel nostalgic, as well as deep lyricism that you will want to dig into. These young men have major potential and it's something you shouldn't even blink with the major chance that you might miss something big from them.


Kenny Holton - Lead Vocals

Noah Black - Drums & Aggressive Vocals

Dj Williamson - Guitar

Aaron Gibson - Guitar

Tyler Black - Bass Guitar



Prayer Of The Broken

For booking email EmbraceTheforever98@gmail.com