Dru Bex

Toronto, Ontario


Hip Hop Artist

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dru Bex was exposed to the world at a very young age. 

Losing his mother and sole caregiver at the tender age of 7 and eventually living with his grandmother, Dru was exposed to a church with a vibrant youth group but struggled to balance his life in the church with his life in a neighbourhood that had many wayward youth. 

Dru identified withthe youth; many of whom were missing a strong fatherly presence in their lives andfound himself trying to fit in.

As the years went by and Dru grew into his late teens, the words being preached from the pulpit Sundayafter Sunday began to sink in. 

Today, through music and public engagement, Dru continues to spread a message of love, grace and peace.



To contact Dru email him at drubextheartist@gmail.com