Dre Beeze Da Godson

Detroit, Michigan


Hip Hop Artist

DeAndre Grayse aka Dre Beeze was born and raised in Detroit, MI by his mother Nia Lashawn Pratt (aka Majestic) and learned to aspire, dream, and go further through his ambitions due to his mother always pushing him towards his destiny. Dre sadly lost his father due to gang violence and at the age of 1, both his mother and father were both in the same gang. Dre lost his father due to a single fatal bullet.

His mother would later give her life to God and turn everything around in fear of losing her son in the same manner, so Dre learned the ways of the street, but also the ways of God.

Dre sits as self-made Producer, Singer, Writer and Rapper. Producing and writing for more than just himself he proudly does what he was born to do. MUSIC. Since music is his heart he says "Music isn't my career. It's my lifestyle. If I never make a dime I'll still do it till I die."

Dre Beeze comes from a musical family with his mother also being a verb heavy emcee so rap was always in his veins and the secular arena became the vehicle to vent out his frustrations as well as impose his will over those who stood against him, but that only lasted for a short time! 

Dre became very vocal and committed about his faith and while he has opted from taking the conventional route most Christian artists would Dre Beeze has remained relevant while remaining in a lane of his own. After years of freestyles and countless features “Dre Day” is no longer a myth or distance future but a signal of the heavily anticipated season when the Godson will finally be ready to insert himself OFFICIALLY in Detroit's rap scene with his most recent radio hit “Flex” being just a teaser for what's to come.

This is a very special time for the young artist in fact his patience and consistency has paid off greatly. His resume is validated and his intentions are pure! Without making too many bold statements one could only assume that this young artist has only scratched the surface and has chosen 2017 to be his year to put the city he loves and the faith he lives on his back and be a light in every dark place!



To contact Dre email him at DreBeezeDaGodson@icloud.com