Don Russell

Atlanta, Georgia

Hip Hop Artist

Don Russell was born in Atlanta but mostly raised in Decatur, Ga a few minutes away. He grew up living a life of sin and promoting it in the hip hop music he recorded.

It was the summer of 2007 when he visited a church with his girlfriend and heard the gospel for the first time. During that time he quit recording and performing to focus more on God and His word.

Later that year, him and his girlfriend were married and today have 3 beautiful children. Outside of his local church, he joined a evangelizing ministry called Saltlight to serve and spread the gospel in the community.

It was about 4 years after becoming a minister of the gospel, God put it on his heart to make music for His glory. He currently has 2 cds (Forever Changed and Rock Bottom) released with a 3rd one (Timeless) on the way.

His prayer and the only reason he does music is for God to be glorified and for people to be saved.


Just a vessel for your service!!

To contact Don email him at