Don Cephas

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Singer / Songwriter

Born and Raised in West Philadelphia, Don Cephas is slowly rising as one of the mainstays in Philadelphia's Gospel Music scene as an artist, Songwriter and Producer.

Don Cephas invites his listeners into a world of raw, intense, emotional, transparent and passionate music. From every word to every note, you can hear the truth of his heart in each song.

Don Cephas has his focus set on one thing. To direct all Glory back to GOD. Since the days of rocking church events as a young teen with L.J.I. (a group consisting of his brother and best friends) until now, one thing has been certain... 

The Heart, The Passion, The Drive all come from having an earnest desire to please The Father with not only his ministry, but his life. 

You can be sure to get nothing but intensity, honesty and authenticity any time Don grabs the mic to give his all for The Father.



I desire to please my Father!

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