Doc Powell

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

Doc is from Pittsburgh, PA and  currently attends the University of Pittsburgh. Music has been a passion of his for as long as he can remember. Growing up, his parents raised him on Gospel music. As he got older, Doc gravitated toward Hip Hop and fell in love almost immediately. He wrote his first rhyme at age 10. But it would be another 5 years before he took it seriously.

Doc is convinced that God used music to save his life. At around the time he fell in love with Hip Hop, his parents were divorced and Doc struggled with severe depression and often contemplated suicide. God preserved his life long enough for him to really begin chasing music. Not only did he find solace in making music, but eventually he discovered a sense of calling. 

God has given him opportunities he never believed he would see through music, and introduced people to him he would never have met otherwise. Doc believes that God's purpose in giving him music is to reach the culture and to make an impact for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Hip Hop is my passion, my purpose!!

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