Sacramento, California

OmniGod Music Group Artist


Dallas Hicks also once known as DHIX was born in Sacramento California on November 6 1980. An only child with no siblings he struggled to fit in while growing up mostly raised by his Mother on christian principles. Deep inside Dallas felt no sense of Christ. He knew something was missing but was young in the faith and not fully developed in Jesus to know what to expect.

The first 6 years of elementary Dallas was in a Lutheran School. He was taken to Church and taught to upkeep the Christian values his mom instilled as a child. Dallas Hicks was raised mostly by his Mother Linda Francis. His father left when he was 5. His Dad was into drugs and beat his mother because of his alcohol and anger addiction. at age 7 his mom remarried finally presenting a male role model in his life that actually cared about him. however as soon as Dallas turned 14 he ran away from his mother and went to live with his dad.

Dallas dad never treated him like a Father should bashing him for the way he dressed, calling names, telling him he would never be anything. Dallas started believing the lies, walking around hopeless. He was fed up with his father and left, refusing to go back to his mother cause he wanted to prove to everybody he could make it on his own. He lived in his car on and off for around 3-4 months. After realizing he couldn't make it alone he finally called his mother when he was 17 from a payphone crying, saying "HE HAD NO WHERE TO GO".

at 21 his world began to shift and crumble. Growing up listening to rap music he eventually learned to write his own. he worked at Blockbuster and One Friday night rapped in front of everybody in the store. A guy saw potential and asked him to be part of a group called Platinum made of 4 members who wanted to enjoy money, girls, cars, fame, etc. he also began opening for clubs as well as other small venues, parks, bbqs, and award shows like the Sammys (a local Grammys). Since they were basically together all the time he went to live with these 4 individuals. After a couple years one of the group members went crazy committing a murder Dallas was accused of. Dallas felt confused, betrayed, full of anger, and rejected by God, even yelling at him. 


The night before the murder a still small voice told Dallas to call his aunt and ask to come stay over a couple nights. While watching a movie with his cousin he got a call from the Police Department saying his friend was murdered and he was needed for questioning. Dallas was traumatized. They found out it was a Double Homicide. the woman killed was 8 months pregnant. this began a huge murder trial at the age of 22. Dallas was going to college and met a woman he used as a way of escape during the murder trial while staying with his aunt and uncle. When she accepted his marriage proposal his aunt and uncle kicked him out leaving him feeling rejected. Dallas marryied for security so he'd have a place to stay. He grew to finally love this woman that claimed to love him. Six months later she cheated on him with her ex boyfriend. Dallas felt rejected and betrayed but stayed with her for another 3 years. Knowing she cheated on him every day Dallas lived with the shame and guilt that he wasn't good enough for anyone or anything. He finally got divorced and ended up living on his own again.

This is when Dallas found the only security he needed was Jesus Christ. Dallas went to live with his mom yet again. He gave his life to Jesus and learned the principles of living a Christ centered life. This helped him realize he was living a lie from the enemy and God had a better plan for his life. He began developing a real relationship with Jesus.

God brought one woman who knocked Dallas off his feet and treated him as he only dreamed of being treated. He trusted Gods direction and in 2009 ended up marrying Amy Marilyn Rodriguez who he's still married to this day. Dallas is on fire for God and teaching the message of the cross. He doesn't want others going down the path he did that may lead away from everlasting life through Jesus. Dallas writes music to encourage that we can make a difference in the world with no fear about rejection ever again. He once was rejected but now through Jesus Christ he has been adopted and accepted.

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To contact DHIX email him at GodStarrMusic@aol.com