Newark, NJ

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Hip Hop Artist

He was born under the name Darren Edward in Newark, New Jersey. He started his career as a secular music rap artist and performed under the name M.C. Darren D. He was successful in reaching an audience but soon realized that the significance of secular music did not reflect his true inner message. Darren felt uncomfortable writing and performing to songs that did not recount his life. 

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One day at “United Deliverance Tabernacle” his church home, Darren was asked to participate in a gospel music event. Darren wrote his rhymes using scriptures and facts of his life and performed them for his church. It was well received by the worshipers and he felt good within!!! 

In 2006, Darren's church choir entered the McDonald's Gospelfest. Darren was asked to enter the rap category. Succeeding the audition Darren went on to win the Semi-Finals at Rahway’s RITZ Theater, moving on to the finals and performing at Madison Square Garden. He shared the stage with Byron Cage, Donnie McClurkin, Vickie Winans, Shirley Caesar, JJ Hairston and Canton Jones. 

Known now as Darren Deac, he continues to write and perform for the glory of God. Nominated in (6) categories and recipient of (2) awards in the 2016 Rhythm of Gospel Awards. He is expanding his music ministry to the world. Currently his song "Christian Walk" is creating a Praise Party among listeners and unifying Christians to the call of Worship! 

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Quality of life music

To contact Darren Deac, email him at darrendeac@gmail.com