Danielle Renee

Dallas, Texas


Gospel Artist / Crazy Worshiper

Danielle Renee is a powerful minister with a clear mission to edify and encourage the body of Christ. Her lifestyle of worship fosters a rich anointing that allows audiences to experience the manifest presence of God. Danielle is the founder of Danielle Renee Ministries, an international ministry that has served in over twenty countries worldwide, alongside some of the industry’s most renowned ministers including:  Israel Houghton, CeCe Winans, William McDowell and Hezekiah Walker.  

As a teacher Danielle uses her personal testimony of battling illness, and her background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to address the internal offenses that arise during life’s hardships. Her audiences are challenged to confront erroneous thinking and its impact on building relationship with God. Danielle's expressive and emotive style of ministry encourages intimacy with God in a fun and relatable atmosphere!

Danielle Renee is the author of “Life of a CRAZY Worshiper,” a devotional blog; “Cultivating Crazy, “ an online video teaching series; and “Worshiper” a devotional magazine designed to feature the biblical substance behind Danielle Renee’s music. 


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Danielle Renee Ministries (DRM) is a Praise & Worship based ministry called to educate and inspire others to maintain a posture of worship in every circumstance, by trusting the character and safety of the sovereign God. We believe worship can be a catalyst to developing the kind of intimacy required to know and imitate Christ.  Our mission is to impact the world by changing its “Me” culture into one of CRAZY worship! 

A CRAZY worshiper is someone who seeks to prove the worlds definition of “insanity” by not just worshiping, again & again expecting a different result, but one who actually lays down claim to the outcome all together. It’s someone who is so intimately involved with God, that they know His character, and because they know His character they can confidently trust His sovereignty and Lordship. Their CRAZY worship becomes completely independent of their circumstance!


"Crazy Worshiper"

To contact Danielle email her at booking@daniellereneeministries.com