Hip Hop Artist / Producer / Founder of 413 Records / Member of The Commission

D4C has always been someone who doesn’t follow… He was born to lead!! He was born to stand out and be different than others… a misfit!! D4C speaks about it in the lyrics of his song "Misfit"

"Forget being a product of my environment, see/ I'd rather my environment be a product of me!"

Hailing from Australia's Gold Coast, D4C is a veteran when it comes to the music game. As an artist, producer, engineer and all around studio buff, D4C has done it all. For the good part of the last decade, D4C had had his stamp all over the urban gospel scene in Australia and his impact within the industry is undeniable.

D4C founded the record label "413 Records" in 2009 (which was originally known as D4C Productions), which has had a great line up of talented artists on the label throughout it's time. 413 is also a ministry that is moving across the Gold Coast and has teamed up with the ministry “The Commission” to spread all over Australia.


Bringing a positive attitude wherever he goes, D4C has become a role model for young people and finds himself having amazing opportunities to speak into the lives of many. Whilst uplifting the culture of hip hop through his music and talents, he has also found solace within the culture - music is his therapy.


I've been set free and won't stop!!

to contact D4C email him at d4c@413records.com