Crown Freedom

Manchester, United Kingdom

Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

Crown Freedom grew up on the Racecourse Estate in South Manchester, notorious for violence and crime. He learned at an early age that the decisions he made there would have an effect on his future. Anger issues and insecurities led him into fighting and getting into trouble in his neighbourhood and school. He later started carrying weapons for protection and was associated to certain gangs because of his affiliations.

He fell in love with hip-hop and began to watch his dad operate in a music studio in the basement. This was Crown Freedom's way into learning to beatbox, write poems, raps and short stories. Although some of his friends were drug dealers and stick up kids, his interest in music kept him from falling deeper into the streets, gang culture and crime. 

Crown is a very talented and versatile musician with a unique drive and passion for music. At the beginning of High School, he learned to play the piano that would later help him to create a lot of his own production. Crown Freedom is known for his sharp lyricism, transparency, creativity and originality. 

Crown later went on to work with a variety of different artists and producers in and around Manchester and London including David Dawood (Producer of Roll Deep's Number 1 smash 'Good times') and Jodie Connor. He was featured on the track 'Flaming Tongues' that was released on Broke Records and was also featured on The Urban Voice compilation album alongside artists such as Ms Dynamite, Roachford and Floetry. 

In 2009 Crown Freedom won the Philip Lawrence National Award for work within the community and received coverage from BBC Northwest Tonight, Manchester Evening News and Key 103 to name a few. A song he collaborated on was featured on the daytime TV programme 'Emmerdale' and he also appeared in the film 'Looking For Eric (directed by Ken Loach) in which his music was also featured. 

Crown Freedom began to get regular bookings where he would support artists such as Nas, Devlin, Lethal Bizzle and Fabolous. 

Crown Freedom later gained employment with Trafford Council Youth Service as a Project Worker, where he engaged with young people missing from home as well as vulnerable victims of grooming and child sexual exploitation. He then joined Iconx Entertainment alongside a group of artists and producers and began to make waves locally and internationally. Crown featured on fellow IconX artist Kapital KO's single 'Shut it down' which became the most requested song on Unity Radio for 2 weeks. 

With the IconX team, Crown went on to perform at various locations in Ibiza including Ibiza Rocks. Crown had his song 'Escape' featured on a Boohoo TV advert which ended up being broadcast on various channels across Europe. 

In 2012, The death of a family member caused him to reflect on his life so far and he began to ask questions about God. Crown knew something was missing in his life and didn't like the way things were going with IconX entertainment. 

After having an operation on his vocal cord, Crown had to do speech therapy and learn how to pronounce words again. Devastated with no hope of being able to rap again anytime soon and in severe pain, the spirit of God visited him in his bedroom as he lay down and completely healed his throat. This led Crown Freedom to give his life to Jesus as there was no way he could ignore this miracle. Crown made the decision to leave IconX and focus on building his relationship with God, growing and learning more about the bible. 

Crown's desires for music, started to fade and his hunger for God started to grow so in 2013 he enrolled in Bible School. 

2 years later, after getting filled with the holy spirit and being strengthened by the word of God, Crown Freedom's desire and passion for music started to come back but this time it felt different. Fuelled by the fire of God, With a new faith perspective on life, Crown began to make truth music to share the message of Jesus.

Now as part of the hip hop collective Vital Signs he is engaging young people through music to show them that although life can be unfair, there is still hope through a relationship with God. Crown Freedom now does regular sessions in schools and prisons using music to bring the good news of the Gospel.




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