C. Red

Hamburg, Germany


R&G Artist

America-born Deutschland artist, Whitney “C. Red”, is a singer songwriter whose main aim is to release relatable love ballads for her “spiritually imperfect” listeners.


She wants that the messages in her songs help people, who are tangled in Earthly webs, along their journey to be closer to God. She often takes her songs as far as to reflect a relationship with God in a more intimate sense, to show women (and men) who struggle in relationships that they could find more fulfillment in putting God first.

Her tag-line “Controversial for Christ” indicates that she is not willing to conform to the standards of what people think a typical “Christian” should be, and that followers of Christ should embrace the individual born inside their skin without being afraid of what others will think about them.

In this way, she believes that the body of Christ can diversify, reach out to and affect more people. Her only focus is to please God and inspire people in the process.

“I only seek fame in His eyes." 

"If He is pleased with me, then I have already won.”



Controversial For Christ

To contact C. Red email her at C.Red.Sounds@gmail.com