Circle Of One

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Hard Rock

Music is at its best when it's born out of passion, meaning, and purpose.  Unfortunately, for today's listeners, many artists simply fall back on exhausted formulas, as they quickly sacrifice passion for sales.  However, rather than falling back with its peers, Circle of One aims to step up.  

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"Too many musicians are just making noise. Nobody's saying anything of value," says frontman Mark Cunzolo.  "You're attracted to someone. Great. You like to party. Great.

But what's the point in telling people about that? Let's use music to unpack some deeper issues."  Circle of One tackles this challenge by lacing its hard-rock, metal, hip-hop, and electronically infused music with tales of internal fear, substance abuse struggles, self-control issues, and more.

Most importantly, Circle of One passionately displays the power and the hope needed to find freedom from these issues.  Their music has a message. Their music has a purpose.  It's time to spread it like wildfire

Mark Cunzolo- Vocals

Eric Rojas - Guitar

Kevin Dinell- Bass/Vocals

Brant Williamson- Drums

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"We Can't Live like Ghosts"

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