Church B.


Cofounder of G.U.T.T.A Music & Christ It Up Magazine

Artist / Poet / Ordained Minister

Church started as a secular artist. But one day after being told he was misusing his God given gift he prayed to God for his own confirmation and he got his answer...through a robbery. Soon after, he met the Lord but with no serious foundation he found himself right back where he started.

He was Struggling with a drug & alcohol addiction, at rock bottom and tired. He completely disconnected himself from everyone and his love for music and tried God one more time, but this time something was different. The closer he and the Lord became he felt his passion for music thrive again so he prayed "God clean my tongue so I can use my gift for you". then one day while praying he heard "it's done!".  In 2015 he released his debut album entitled "Journi - walk wit' me".

Today the same person who swore he would never rap in a church is now known as...Church.

Heart On My Sleeve




Walk Wit Me!! - Church

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