Chris Kardiac

Hartford, Connecticut


Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

This 26 year old hip hop artist from Connecticut has seen both the worlds and agrees that the Christian Life was worth the struggle to find. As a hip hop artist these days creativity and positivity is what lacks most. But take someone who has creativity with lyrical content and a positive message and you have a breaking artist.


Chris was always someone who worked alone. He has 29 mixtapes since 2004. Over the years he developed how to record mix and master his own music. As the years went on he found out new things dabbling with programs like Photoshop to create his covers. In 2007 he found a camera and began shooting little projects which soon became another lane for his skills, video production. As the years progressed so did his skills in these areas.

Always taking feedback as positivity he began to make changes in his art. In 2012 he enrolled in a 4 year bachelor’s degree in Video Production. By January 2015 God had other plans for him to be elsewhere. He was using video production to show the world his talents behind a camera for his own music. Over the years he learned things like developing a website and artist management.

Chris and 5 other artist became a recording label known as The Hyve Music Group. Reigning with different types of artist and producers they all complimented each other to help build a team. His roles were video production, recording mixing and mastering, artist management for the 5 other artist as well as networking with their soon to be record label. By March 2015 he was 80% done with his first solo album but God had other plans for Chris.

“I wouldn’t be as confident, positive and open as I am with a true genuine heart as I do now.

The deal with the recording label was never finalized. His experience to finding Christ leads him to writing a book on his real life experience entitled “The Lost Christian”.“Battling evil and finding God was the best, scariest and wildest thing that’s ever happened to me” laughed the Christian rapper.

"I quit music for a long time. I couldn’t find my creativity, I couldn’t get my mind right. I completely 100% depended on God to clear my mind from everything that happened. To re-new and re-build me. I kept looking at my studio and walking away from it. I kept thinking that everything I was doing, saying, living was just what evil wanted. I stumbled into artist like Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Reach Records, K.B, NF and thinking these are Christian artist?! They rap FOR God. See the world wants you to think it’s all about you, for selfish gain. In all reality it’s about the glory of Christ.” This experience leads Chris to writing his first Christian single “Keep your head up ft. Breana”.

“I had it laying there only my close relatives heard it. It was tough my whole following left me. I had no fans anymore because the things I started writing about. Only thing I could do was beg The Father to help me gain motivation. I found a friend who liked my music because it was Christian. I was thinking to myself wait what? After that I kept giving her my music to see what she thought and she told me I should make an album."


Thank You Jesus!!

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