Brightside Flight

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Official OmniGod Music Group Band

Metal/Hard Rock

Brightside Flight is an alternative rock band from Oklahoma City, OK. Inspired by the dynamic sounds of bands like Deftones and A Perfect Circle, frontman and guitarist, Cody Lee, started the band in 2009 as a simple project with local friends.

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The band went through a few lineup changes until 2013 when longtime friend and fellow musician, Steven Jones, landed in as Brightside’s permanent drummer.

Later joined by local bassist, Charles Steiger, the trio began experimenting with various sounds and writing all new music.

Brightside Flight released their first single titled “Run” in

September 2016 to iTunes, Spotify, and other media sites. They are currently working on their first full length album set to be released in middle to late 2018.

Cody Lee - Vocals / Guitars / Keys / Samples

Steven Jones - Drums / Samples

Charles Steiger - Bass / Vocals


Cody Lee - Vocals / Guitars / Keys / Samples


Steven Jones - Drums / Samples


Charles Steiger - Bass / Vocals

"Fear no more. The Light will come.”

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