Bobby Phoenix


Kingdom Muzic Minister

Born in Angeles City, Philippines, Bobby was adopted by an Air Force couple and brought to America.

He was set up for a successful life by simply doing what was supposed to be done. But with time came an Emptiness, worthlessness, loneliness and hatred began its work early. Bobby started doing drugs. Acid, alcohol and violence filled the void.

He chalked up the first major movement from God as luck when he had a gut feeling to get out of the life he was living. He caught wind that there was an investigation on himself and his team. He told his team to get rid of everything and he would talk to them that night. Bobby will tell you he Had the quietest night in months at the house. He told everyone he thought it was time to walk away because they were to hot, especially if the investigation rumors were real. That night police raided the house. After not finding anything they let everyone go that could get a ride out, But ticketed everyone that stayed for underage drinking. He called his girl at the time and left, everyone had the option to come along but most everyone stayed except one other person. The next morning Bobby went back to get the rest of his stuff and solidify that he was done. When he got to the house the real investigators were there pulling everyone out of the house. They had evidence on almost everyone, video and sales to undercover police multiple times. They didn't have anything on Bobby though, Thankfully, no one that got popped brought him into it So he took that as the final warning to change his life.

The story is much deeper than what can be shared, but the one sure thing? Over these years of facing the consequences of his decisions and answering to the call of Jesus, Bobby has been Brought Out of Bondage By Yahweh and reborn.

-I am, b.o.b.b.Y. phoenix. My spiritual father told me this as I came out of the hardest trial in my life 2 years ago. "Those that live a truly loveless life, full of betrayals, full of hatred, full of pain, full of failures, When those types of people experience the love of Jesus, they share that love with others the hardest Because they know the feeling of true emptiness. they know what the void looks like. They never want someone else to be in that loveless place. They want to share the gift they were given with everyone."-Pastor Fred Lopez.

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Darker Days


brought out of bondage by Yahweh


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