Are you Ready for this Joint? I mean seriously I don't think you are! 

"You Don't Really Know" by Meek Lion is a track that hits hard with pure truth and transparency.

The hook that John Jay sings over about living like a prisoner is something that most of us can relate to if we're truly honest! Meek Lion paints a picture with personal testimony of his experience of street life.

" Just the life in the struggle. We fighting the Royal Rumble. If to hustle out the Jungle"

His confidence in God is revealed through Meek Lions lyrics also as he sings... 

"I'm not really being cocky, but with God on my side I'm balboa, I'm Rocking"

Meek Lion certainly unpacks some touchy subjects of today's society..

"Single Mothers all alone. With these kids growing up. Without a dad in their home."

The Music Beat itself is absolute electric and full of base. It captures the ears of any musicians who are listening for bouncy effective joints! This track is promising and will certainly carry impact as well as bring home the message of the gospel in the testimony of Meek Lion!!

There is NO caging our bro Meek Lion. He will break through any bars that hold him. The prison bars are burst open and this Kat is living in the concrete jungle, roaming the streets, hunting his prey that he may win those that are lost for Christ! Look out for more of Meek Lions music and keep your ear to the ground, because what's about to happen through this Kat...

"You don't really Know!!"


Mark Gent is an English Bulldog of a Writer, President of OmniGod Music Group UK and Operations Supervisor for OmniGod Music Group.