Most people don’t understand the connection between Hip Hop and Christianity but it is there! Some will tell you that it doesn’t belong in the same category but a gift like this can be given and who are we to question it. Those who spend their days and nights proclaiming the name of Jesus through music ministry don’t care to waiver, because they know their purpose.


This brings us to Vincent Tesoro. This gritty and transparent artist is in it for the souls. He states this in his profile on the OmniGod Music website saying, "My words need to be heard because we live in a dying world and I know I can connect with the hearts of people that are dying inside."

Starting his career in Pathway Movement but eventually deciding to go independent Vincent brings to the world his debut album with a style that is hard, direct, and relatable. This alternative feel is nothing normal to the Christian genre. "A Worldly Heaven" is an 18 track album. Packed with heart checks and deep thoughts I dare not compare it to any other artist.


Vincent Tesoro brings the truth of his pain from the jump with his intro track called "Walk the Line." Displaying all this and more in tracks like "Mirror of Weakness," which to me seems like a song of reflection. His song "S.W.A.T." speaks of a rather strong and controversial subject, showing that he isn't afraid of the truth.

I honestly loved the vibe of this album and the best thing about it is his outro track. He finishes up with a little promotion from his mother which seals the deal.

I think artists who leave it all on the table and let the Lord speak through them are refreshing. I truly believe in this album as well as artists like Vincent Tesoro. Please take time to get to know him and listen to his music. You won't regret it!


Phillip Rosas is a Lead Review Writer for OmniGod Music.