Its finally here the R.I.C.H EP!!

In R.I.C.H., Restored from Iniquity, Clothed in Honour, Tneek takes you on a journey through her life writing you into the story of where she was and where she is now. Lyrically painting a picture of her newly found identity in God, "This God in my veins has got me rolling like I'm a queen" is expressed in the Intro.


Her transparency comes through clear. Not holding back with how she feels we are listening to her heart. We look in the mirror of her life at how she contained an explosive anger before her life took a U-Turn towards Her Creator. A lot of her anger was towards injustice as well as seeing lives ruined by lies and deception.

Tneek's heart throughout this whole EP expresses that there is a new identity to be found by all, especially women whom she has witnessed selling their bodies and not escaping the lies of this world. Her heart cry is that woman can become Queens finding their true royalty in God and become R.I.C.H but NOT by money as is stated in Track 4 "How are you a Boss when money owns you?"

"Broken Girl" is a track where her heart cries out to God, "In the midst of all the pain I feel, Father can you hear me, are you able to heal?" This is a prayer that a lot of people who have pushed through brokenness would have yelled.

As you are taken into the very heart of Tneek and see the world through her lenses you find that this EP is not something that has been crafted overnight. Rather through pain, longing, tears, struggles and sleepless nights the recipe for this food has been crafted that is hard to swallow for some but nourishing and fulfilling for the open hearted.

Plug in your head phones or turn up your speakers and buckle up your seat belts because you're about to go on a journey of truth as well as hope. This will be a journey that will revolutionize your life and bring you a new perspective.

Tneek is now R.I.C.H. - Restored from Iniquities, Clothed in Honour!


Mark Gent is Operations Supervisor for OmniGod Music Group and President of OmniGod Music United Kingdom.