I would like to share a story with you from a Catholic Priest named Brennan Manning, then point you to what has been revealed.

Pro Golfer, Arnold Palmer was asked to take part in a 5 day golfing
experience and teaching expedition. Being that golfing was out of
season, he agreed and spent 5 days playing golf with the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

He enjoyed his time living in the lap of luxury and experiencing royal treats.

Afterwards, on the final day of Dinner with the Prince, he was rewarded with a gift as the Prince was delighted by his company. He told Arnold to go back to the states to receive it. Arnold agreed that he would settle for a gold putter, Rolex or even some cash. When he arrived back home he was presented with a legal document to the deed of a 465 acre golf club in the beautiful rolling countryside in Western Pennsylvania. He received a club, indeed, but it was an entire golf club.. complete with course!

The moral of this story is never ask a royal man to give you small things!

Isn't it funny how there are so many different views and perceptions
of how we see God as well as what we think or feel are His boundaries or

If there's anything I can encourage you to take from this writing it is to "Think Big and Reach Higher".

In Luke 19:4, we read about Zaccheaus, who was short in stature and how he heard of this Jesus passing by. He could not see Him because of the
crowds pressing around Him. Things didn't help with the limit of his own height as poor old Zaccheaus was short and stumpy. That didn't stop our friend from scaling the closest Sycamore Tree and climbing higher to a place where he could put a face to Jesus' name.

Even Jesus himself was impressed and urged our stumpy friend to come down so He could enjoy the company of Zaccheaus within his home (vs5).

The mentality of Zaccheaus moved the heart of Jesus. He didn't allow his own stature or limitations to hold him back from discovering and embracing this awesome Jesus! He “Thought Big and Reached Higher!”

This Tarzan mentality paid off and salvation found a home in Zaccheaus' heart.

Everyone knows about David and Goliath. David the shepherd boy and Goliath, the "over 9 foot monster." (1Sam 17:4) Goliath didn't shout the
words "Fee Fii Foo Fumm" like the beanstalk dwelling giant, but instead said "come here and I'll give your flesh to the birds of the air as well as the beasts of the field"(1 Sam 17:44).

We see Goliath meant serious business and wanted to tear this scrawny little shepherd boy limb to limb. David recognized he was on the small side, but he destroyed Goliath with a stone and the Hand of God.

"Think Big and Reach Higher".

From a shepherd boy to a King. From the meadows to the Palace. What a huge transition and massive promotion!

A lot of Christians today are happy and content with the "simple things
in life.” There is nothing wrong with that, maybe some find it hard
to pray and ask God for big things? Or maybe they've prayed for big
things and God hasn't answered how they wished, so they've decided to be content with the simple things and narrow their own prayer expectations?

Let’s skip back to Arnold Palmer. He only thought small, settling in his heart for a gold putter, a Rolex or cash. He may have been content with those things, but after all, he stood before the Royal Prince of Saudi Arabia who, obviously did not think it was right to send him away with a small gold putter.

We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. Being named "Heirs", we have royal blood flowing through our veins as King Jesus has given us a blood donor. His blood has saved our lives. So as a royal people or priesthood (1 Pet 2:9-10) why should we settle for the small things?

God's heart is moved by our faith and obedience to His Word!

Remember, NOTHING is too difficult for God. There is no "I cannot" in His vocabulary. He laughs at the face of impossibility and dares you to boldly come to the throne of grace with your hearts desires whether they are big or small.

So go on and be optimistic in your prayers! What have you got to lose?

Faith is believing in the things unseen. That job with a huge salary. That nice car you've always wanted. That house you’ve dreamt about and so much more. God wants to bless you, but you must first ask, believe and walk out the necessary steps to get there.

Let's not limit our limitless, awesome & Majestic King.

"Think Big and Reach Higher"


Mark Bl4zing is Operations Supervisor U.K. and Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.