The moment I started watching The Weeping Gate’s new video “Thyself Inimical”, I was struck by the imagery. The juxtaposition of old and new as well as comfort and wealth to a bare hard empty prison was awesome. From the quiet palm muted sounds, to the exploding chunky blazing death metal drifts as she climbs the stairs. All the way to the haunting melody of the piano/keyboard through the track….I was swept away. I loved the way the song was presented in the imagery all the way through to the end to the reveal showing that she was the monster, her own enemy. 

Now while I am not the biggest fan of Death Metal, I was impressed how well put together the song was. The keyboard melody and female vocals throughout, giving it a very haunting melody and softening the brutal riffs of the guitars. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there are 2 male vocalists seemlesly singing the harsh death growl style of vocals, as I had not realized it was 2 guys. 

Overall I'd say this band is going to be huge and this video is a must see for any metal head regardless of what genre they prefer. I know I definitely will be keeping eyes on these guys. This is some of the best goth influenced melodeath I've heard in awhile.


Isaac Patterson is an executive writer for OmniGod Music.