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I met this real cool man named Craig while at my wife's family's church in upstate New York a little while ago and we got to talking about OmniGod Music and what the future holds. During the conversation I mentioned that beyond music, we will be getting heavily involved with film. He brought up this really cool place in Atlanta called The Thunderdome and I was instantly intrigued!!

Today I received an email from Craig and I was so incredibly happy to see that he had included in that email the link to The Thunderdome!!

This is one of the coolest idea's I've seen in awhile!! Check it out.......


Founded in 2010, The Thunderdome is an artist residency in Atlanta. They are a group of young filmmakers who are Christians- striving to grow in film, faith and friendships. They collaborate on work, share their equipment and experiences, and grow into the artists God created them to be.


As full-time freelance filmmakers, they do it all - write, direct, shoot, edit and whatever else needs to be done. They have different strengths and different goals, but each of them is capable of taking a project from conception to completion. Throughout their time at The Thunderdome, they have done work for companies like Chick-Fil-A, ESPN, Papa John's, Zaxby's, the Weather Channel, Reach Records, the Atlanta Falcons, Home Depot and many more.

To learn more about The Thunderdome and their team of film makers, visit


MadeSacred is President of OmniGod Music Group.