Words like vulnerable, transparent, and heartfelt come to mind when I listened to “The Secret Place” by Freddie “Tailormade” Lopez. What can be described as worship in its truest form turned out to be a piece of grace that gave me the chance to face my own demons. This album is personal and breathtaking. A work of art packed with 16 beautiful and well-produced songs that place a magnifying glass on the importance of worship. The ‘secret place’ for Freddie is growth. After two albums, the first being defined as his search for God as well as finding  himself in Christ and the second with his wife being a reflection of where they were spiritually, this one is a place of worship and prayer. 

“The Secret Place” is best described as the culmination of my life. I had been in prayer as well as worshipping God my whole life. The album name to me is the place I'm speaking from. My knowledge and wisdom from dedicating time to my secret place of prayer and worship. 

The album artwork symbolize royalty and love. Assuming there is something behind every door it is a door lock. This one happens to lead to his secret place. One of worship and prayer where God always meets him.  

I loved this. At the same time we all can relate to the meaning behind this album, we can all agree we aren’t all bold enough to allow others into our very own secret place. I've been blessed enough to be able to do reviews for Freddie on his previous albums and this by far has to be one of the many that touched my soul. 

In a moment  when I thought my life and secret place were both in disarray I found the key to my secret place in this album. What I viewed as a normal review for an artist I respect and call a brother turned out to be my saving grace. Every song on here is worth your attention. It will also take you to your knees in prayer. I usually do not pick favorites but in this case my favorite song on this album would have to be "He's not finished.” A highly vulnerable song that will have you singing along in praise and awe inspiring worship. It really takes you on a wave of emotions. I had to listen more than once. Freddie brings a very honest flow and the chorus, sang by A-Ron, melts you to the core proving that transparency is not dead.  

When all else has failed and you think life could not get worse this song reminds us that God is not done with us. Our time has not yet come. I think of this as I listen to this song. I have been to a dark place in my life. I have muttered the words of doubt and hate towards myself. But God is not done with me. There is more to my story and obviously more to Freddie's. 

This album is both inspiring and gives reason to reflect on your own life and find the key to your very own secret place. A place where God will meet you with open arms . I was blessed enough to be able to take something from this album and I hope you will be too. With features from some of the most anointed artist I've had the pleasure to work with this album is worth the time and attention. Freddie put all of his heart into this and it shows. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have and I pray it leads you back to your secret place.


Phillip “Philly” Rosas is Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.