Freddie "Tailor Made" Lopez wouldn’t strike you as a rapper. But a story teller...yes. Which I found to be true when I listened to his album "In The Dark". Not to diminish his skills to be able to turn bars into a picture, his canvas being the beat. His main purpose? Spreading a message that spans over two thousand years. But doubting his gift is not for us to judge.

Which takes us to his album . "In the dark" definitely kills any notion that Freddie wasn’t specifically made to do what he does. This album holds twelve tracks with features from his wife, Bryann Trejo and b.o.b.b.Y Phoenix from Kingdom Muzic. And with songs like "Out To Get Me", "Like A Zombie" and "Can't Be Stopped", you start to see a trend for story telling. This album is packed with bible based flows and transparent truth. The one I thought to be a surprise was a song called "Stand My Ground" ft. Bryann Trejo, Antwoine Hill and Sharon Lopez who sings the chorus. All of these artists really give their all. Bryann T brings his best as always with lines like "the guilt you keep in you can kill you alive". The one I related to really well was "Runnin' From". Freddie speaks personal truth "I keep running from things I need to run to you". Bars like this will hit you deep down. He comes with a diverse flow on all his songs. He brings his unashamed mentality and love for Christ. You can look at Tailor Made and notice that his YouTube videos and cosign from Kingdom Music hasn’t changed who he is. I personally loved his approach to this album. He shows love to his brothers and praises the name of the King. Fulfilling a purpose he knows he was made for.

"I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works, and that my souls knows very well". (Psalms 139:14)

Freddie "Tailor Made" Lopez adds definition to this verse by speaking a bit of his own truth. "We are all Tailor Made. We all have a purpose and have been created for something special all for the Kingdom". If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does. "In The Dark" takes you on a ride, leaving you with the faith of knowing we all were in fact made by a Creator that has personally Tailored our lives for something great. Never doubt that you were Tailor Made.