Just in time for Summer 2017, S.W.E.R.V.E (Serving With Excellence Releases Victory Every time) is serving up an album to go along with the season full of hot, Holy Spirit Fire straight from the heavenly places. Allow YaHuWaH and His Ruwach to search the hidden places of your heart as He prepares you to RISE in the Glorious Splendor of our Savior and Forever High Priest.

No strangers to Grace, Christian Hip Hop duo Joshua Keene and Shane White know first hand the importance of wholeheartedly trusting in The Most High and His Plans for our lives. Having turned from the road which leads to death these Disciples now warn others of what happens to those who seek to operate outside of the boundaries set up by our loving Father. The Kingdom needs Warriors who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and go to where the lost are. If you are able to make a bangin' and joyful noise along the way, well that's just a bonus blessing.

S.W.E.R.V.E's Debut Album RISE is poised to occupy a permanent spot in your favorite playlist. With 16 beats produced by A-Flat, DJ B, Foreign Teck, Halo, and Sound H everyone who listens is guaranteed to find something to love. Broken down into three distinct sounds, namely Bumpin', Chill Introspective, and Radio/Party Anthems, S.W.E.R.V.E and the artists they feature refuse to let up on the gas, pushin their whip to the end. Whether they are 'Swervin On Em' for not "being down with The King", proclaiming loud and clear that they are 'Jesus Freak[s]', or making sure everyone knows that if 'God B4 Me' "then who can be against me?!", these Warriors are unashamed in vocally projecting their allegiance to The Son of God.

Halfway through the project we slow down and hold up a mirror to our own lives. Many can relate to the heartfelt struggle that is 'NINE 11', where the artists cry out "I'm reaching out my hand, 9-1-1 do you copy?!" At various points of following in Christ's footsteps we all come to a place of uncertainty and loneliness where we come face to face with our Heavenly Father. 'Without You' is the reminder we hold within us that without YaHuWaH we would not be where we are today, let alone alive. Since our Father is the only one who can deliver us we must be diligent in seeking after Him, "praying until something happens" (P.U.S.H.). Upon the Renewal that comes from the Empowering of YAH through His Holy Spirit, known in Hebrew as the Ruwach, we are Transformed by the 'Unchanging' One. In Christ Alone we are able to partake in the 'Victory' now, "trumpets in the distance" announce "The King with the Crown".

Recruiting serious soldiers of the Christian Music Industry, Shane and Joshua have put together quite a team of Freedom Fighters. With the help of Adam Yung, Benjah, Cody Lynn, Loe Veal, and Nando, S.W.E.R.V.E has aimed to get a RISE out of Believers and Future Believers alike before Time runs OUT. And as Pastor Juan says in the beginning, 
"Every hour that is gone is lost forever. Our time is a valuable asset; we should be listening to what the Clock is saying. Every tick is saying Time is temporary! Every tick warns us

Not To Waste TIME.