With the first track of Strength Betrayed's EP "Into The Soul", which is also the title track, they explode with heavy, thrashing guitars that grab you and make you want to mosh. The little solos and catchy melodic hooks temper the heaviness of the tune with out taking away from it. All in all very reminiscent to me of a Megadeth tune. This is probably my favorite track on this EP. 

The second track "Playing With Hearts" kicks off with similar heaviness. This time bringing a guitar sound more similar to Pantera (on the secular side), or Eternal Descion (on the Christian-side). Still melodic and catchy hooks abound here tempering the heaviness.

The third track "Reality" brings a nu metal flavor to the table. Reminding me of the bands Gryp and Korn a little bit in the delivery of the verses.

With track four Strength Betrayed changes gears with a grunge flavored ballad titled "One Step At A Time". Thomas Smiths vocals soar with emotion on this song grabbing the listener and inviting them to sing along. I am reminded a lot of Pearl Jam with this tune.

Track five "My Fight" drops right back into the heavy riffs igniting the mosh pit. However this song becomes a little more mellow and catchy in the choruses as well as breakdowns than the earlier heavy tracks. The melody and lyrics just grab you. You'll want to sing along until the verse hits and its back to the mosh pit. This song is my second favorite track on this EP.

The last track of the EP "Denying Me" is another ballad but this time not near as grungy. In this song i hear a lot of influence by bands like Coldplay, Jars Of Clay, and Delirious. A lyricly hard hitting tune that grabs the listener saying this is me, my struggle, and what God is doing for me, to me, changing me.

Over all i would say this EP is a well crafted piece of metal. The lyrics are uncompromising and intelligent. The guitars gritty, heavy and driving. These guys show they are able to worship and ignite the mosh pit. I cant wait to see what they release next.


Isaac Patterson is a Writer for OmniGod Music.