I'm here to introduce you to Marq Muziq with his NEW video "Spazz Redemption." This goes hard and Marq expresses his frustrations within the world. How those who criticize Gods art and workmanship...

"They Making me out to be some kind of monster. Addressing the people that I'm an Imposter?"

"People looking at me like I'm a feather weight"

"Pay them no mind, gotta focus and meditate. God is the Heavyweight ima say ONLY way".... 

NO doubt Marq will stay all the way in his walk with God and influence others by his Music. A man who has embraced many struggles recently even with those who may say they are his brothers/sisters but instead he wipes and dusts himself down. Then stomps back onto the battlefield! 

This track is filled with fire and will stir the fire within many hearts as we feed into what God has created through His vessel Marq Muziq.  These brothers, GFLS (Gods Front Line Soldiers), are striking the vipers nest! They have Satan against the ropes and are reminding him of their redemption in Christ as they tear down enemy strongholds and take his ground back for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground as GFLS and OmniGodMusic are on the move! Frontline-soldiers!

You Are Now Rocking With The FrontLine Movement #GFLS #OmniGodMusic.


Mark Gent is an English Bulldog of a Writer, President of OmniGod Music Group UK and Operations Supervisor for OmniGod Music Group.