First of all I would like to congratulate one of my close brothers in Christ and Artist Jonny Sherlock as he is now officially signed to OmniGod Music!!! 

Did I hear a cheer?! Or even better, an Amen?!!

Sherlock grew up in a place called "Fleetwood Town" in England. I first met him at a Church event and soon discovered his passion for music... particularly Christian Hip Hop also known as CHH. I had the privilege also to work in the same warehouse so we became very close friends. We used to work in a Freezer picking food orders for customers all over the UK.

Sherlock used to spend a lot of time writing lyrics and rapping. In fact he had this amazing ability to balance work with his music. One day he was missing for one hour during work and everyone was looking for him. We eventually found him in the warm up room for the freezer staff with an old dirty piece of card board leaning against the wall.

His lyrics were written on it and his phone was playing some instrumental through on repeat while he rapped over it. You can imagine the workers reaction, can't you? They certainly weren't happy for his absence during a busy Monday but Jonny had finished what he needed to do in his job and used up the rest of the time creating music.

Didn't Jesus leave his parents only to be found later on in the temple?

Luke 2:44-50 Jesus was also absent... His mother and father were "Anxiously Waiting..." His reply when questioned was "Didn't you know i had to be in my Fathers house??" Meaning, I'm doing my Fathers Business."

That is also Sherlock's heart of wanting to do the Fathers Business!!

You could say the freezer warm up room was his booth. Some mocked and hated on him as all they could hear around the warehouse was Sherlock's art echoing. The mocking and hatred only drove him deeper into his music. Even his own Church pastor ridiculed him in front of the whole Church because of his HOGMOB tattoos, fitted caps, and Art.

He invited me to his community house after work one day. We had both been writing lyrics and creating our own tracks. We recorded 3 tracks. At the time we used to write together and correct each others lyrics. After one hour of recording we decided to upload it on "Sacred Apparel" Mixtapes. I then recognized Jonnys heart and passion to get his music out there. Especially his heart to reach the youth who are lost and most of all his old friends in Fleetwood.

It wasn't long until Sherlock moved out of the Community House where he was staying. The constant pressure of trying to squeeze the structure of church and music into his lifestyle was too much. It almost felt to him like he was being forced into a box or treated like David before he went to defeat Goliath, how Saul tried to give him his own Armor to wear in 1 Samuel 17:38-40. So Sherlock decided to move with his mother and step father in Fleetwood. Trials and temptations were Sherlock's battleground and he got caught up in drugs and drinks, but always was hanging onto the hem of Jesus garment. The desert place was a few year until that breakthrough came.

I was in constant contact with Jonny and heard about his struggles. The humiliation of having to try or squeeze into something that wasn't him left him and to meet peoples expectations made him empty inside.  

It wasn't long before he became a promotional Artist at OmniGod Music his first album 'From the heart' expressed his heartache and transparency and is definitely one of the most real albums that I heard.

This project was mainly worked on during his job at the warehouse and his time throughout community living. While working on this album he was soon given the position as a General for the UK for HOGMOB Music. After speaking with Artists like K Roc, I.C Jonez, and Sevin his heart for the Gospel to be channelled through his music was recognized.

On 11/1/18, Sherlock travelled to America where he connected with Blayne (OmniGod Artist) who featured different songs on his mixtape. 

He also connected with Jason (OmniGod Music) who supported him throughout his stay. There, he met with Joseph McSweeney(Aka Pyrexx), ASAP Preach and other incredibly talented Artists. While in Texas, he and Blayne along with a few other from OmniGod Music made a dope song and video to follow shot by ASAP Preach of LowLight Filmz!!


In March of 2018, Sherlock officially became the first signed artist to OmniGod Music Group and is currently working on his debut EP, "8 Tracks and 808's." Keep your eyes peeled and prepare your heart for it!! 

We at OmniGod Music thank God for the work he's done through Sherlock. We are privileged to have him on board. We look forward to working with Sherlock and being a part of his Global growth through the message of Hip Hop. May God be glorified through his music and may hearts and lives be transformed in Christ.


Mark is Operations Supervisor and British Bulldog of a writer for OmniGod Music.