Matthew "Salt" Postell, also know as Salt of tha Earth is a man of many talents. A father, husband, and more. But what he isn't, is trapd. Along with all the gifts he possesses, he displays this with his love of Christ in his music.

His desire is to effectively articulate God's heart through his music . Which he does in the pre release mixtape Untrapd, a six song work of art proclaiming who he serves and why he does it. Refusing to compromise is most likely what brought him this far. Untrapd is filled with songs that will give your heart a jump. With great production and a flow that is sure to catch your attention Untrapd is a testimony of the freedom he has found. The freedom he encourages others to find as well. The mixtape is a strong reminder of the hard work artists put in for the Kingdom. In a time where Christian artist are getting ridiculed for their devotion and loyalty to the cross, Salt shows that his love and loyalty never waiver. If this is part one, of the album we can anticipate so much more. With songs like " Bang" ," Full of that water " and "Pressin" Untrapd is the recipe for a better walk with Christ.  Ending the album with a song called "I’m Free Indeed", which by the way is a perfect conclusion, Salt is quick to reitterate what his mission with this album is. Speaking into the ears of those who listen, the words "I'm Free Indeed " loop into your ear drums setting a wonderful reminder of why we are free and who paid that price. Giving us the ultimate feeling of being"Untrapd".

You can find Salts mixtape at Jamthehype, Noisetrade and soundcloud.

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