"3G," by Salt of Tha Earth is an album with a purpose. The 3G's in the title stand for: God, Growing, and Grinding. The songs play in that order. Salt came with some fire on this as well as a message.

With God being first on the list song number one, "Nothin But the Blood," speaks about God interceding in Salt of The Earths life. He gives God the glory and proves that the blood of Christ is just as powerful as the Word speaks. He also touches on suicide which was prevented by God. A fate that was not meant to be.

Growing which is second on the list is heard in "Dangerous Ground" the number two track on the album. It speaks of the dangers of being lukewarm, stagnant, and stuck in the middle. Salt of Tha Earth then states in the song, "You Can't Play Both Sides, You Either With it or You Aint." He encourages his listeners to keep growing instead of being stuck. This is an all to familiar place that we need to grow out of.

Grinding as last but not least is heard in the third song on the album. "Never Gave Up" is a song that proves what grinding can do for you. The song speaks on the hardships of grinding in this walk with Christ.  "Been through the fire, never giving up during the storm."

Throughout all this we are left with Perseverance, Consistency, Humility, Loyalty, Hard Work and Praising through all circumstances. If you ask me this is a recipe for success.


Phillip "Philly" Rosas is Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.