"Rising Soundz" is a great book on ministry written by Pastor Fred Lopez that features a soundtrack and a dvd package.

The soundtrack is an incredible collection of songs. If you haven't seen the promo videos to "Rising Soundz", you are missing out. One of these songs is "Not of This World" featuring Bryann Trejo, Triple Thr33, Antwoine Hill and Kevin Santiago. The Kingdom Muzic Family (KMF) brought fire to a track that inspires greatly and carries a message that hits even harder. It is safe to say with the way this group takes over this beat, that they came to put in work.

I have watched this group of ministers create awesome music for the Lord for a while now, but it is much more than that. They are family and they are insanely authentic about their ministry.

"Not of This World" gave me chills. The truth behind it makes you think as well as search your own heart. I absolutely love Kingdom Muzic's ministry and the ministers involved. The work they put in for the Kingdom of Christ is a very much needed breath of fresh air.

I am sure you will love this video. "Rising Soundz" is flooded with some of the most spirit-filled tracks from Kingdom Muzic and is out for purchase at www.risingsoundz.com. Please be sure to visit the site and purchase your copy TODAY!!!! #KMF

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Phillip Rosas is an executive writer for OmniGod Music Group.