In 2016  who would've predicted that Idaho native David Andrew Byrd would have become the creator of Ministry Muzik and release his LP. It's safe to say that in the face of adversity the under dog prevails, but is not alone.

Known to the secular world as "Sketchy Waze", Psalm went through his own storm. It was during that storm that he gave his life to God. Speaking a covenant over his life he vowed to walk away from his secular following and give it all up to God for restoration. He then devoted his talents to serving but that’s not why we are here talking about him today.

With a 22 track LP out, Psalm shows his listeners a side of him some have never seen. This LP was never meant for public ears.  Psalm will tell you that "his intentions to release this album was not even a reality. He was just expressing himself." But you feel like you are blessed after hearing it. This album is packed with a diverse collection of beats and production. His flow is nearly flawless. I was surprised to hear a little dubstep in the mix as well! You start to understand the type of artist Psalm is after hearing his first track. From 1 to 22 the ability to be able to relate to his life becomes more apparent. I have my favorites but its hard not to love the whole album. If I had to choose I would highly recommend a song named "Poisoned". Leading off with a more than contagious flow Psalm comes with bars . "Kids are making kids but failing to make a family" speaks volumes. He gives us a dose of the reality we live in as christians with bars like "you know you're beautiful but your sinning makes you ugly". Songs such as this one make you wanna look in the mirror. 

Track number 9,  "Runaway", gives raw emotions. On a track that gives you the perception that he put it all on the table he could not have been more on point. "Biggest obstacle I have to get around is me" was a line that I felt more in comparison with.  This album gives you enough content and a lot to look forward to. It proves that God takes a person out of the darkest situations and uses them for good. He not only took Psalm out of his secular roots, He met him there. You could speculate how this album became titled "Covenant", and you could almost be sure that this is Gods way of saying " It's time". Either way the agreement made between Psalm and God put him in the direct path to change lives. As an ordained minister and artist Psalm has a lot to give. His testimony is one of many but no less special. I was moved by this album. It touched my soul and I urge you to support this man's mission and help him live out his covenant with God.

You can find out more about Psalm and his music at his site. And right here at

It will be worth it!!