You may have heard of Freddie "Tailor Made" Lopez, if so you have to know that he has a heart for the lord. I have had the honor of reviewing an album for him before and when I got the go ahead to review "One Voice,” a beautiful worship album showing not only how versatile Freddie is but also featuring his wife Sharon who has a voice that was made for worship I feel that honor again.

I played the album for my wife and got chills. “One Voice” is an amazing EP with 7 songs for you to vibe and worship to. It is definitely an example of what a married couple should be.

From songs like "Only Jesus” to my personal favorite "One Voice " you immediately start to learn the words, sing along, and worship. I think that all the songs on this ep are amazing. It will have you in a spiritual moment. Your heart will be full of joy and your mind will be fixated on God.

Freddie and his wife set out to do what God has called them to. With their purpose and all glory going to God. I don’t usually give you the review to every song because we at OmniGod serve those who serve the Lord. I would love for you support this EP as you have every album, video or project we promote.

This EP was everything my wife and I needed. I look forward to the reaction from other couples and I congratulate Freddie and Sharon.

God is making moves. Now it is up to us to see them.


Phillip Rosas is Lead Review Writer for OmniGod Music.