God has been moving mountains!!


President of OmniGod Music Group, MadeSacred was recently asked to visit and perform for the President of South Africa!! Please pray that it will happen and that God will use him Mightily!!

Vice President of OmniGod Music Group, Aidan Littlefield is wrapping up his Senior year at Point Park University with a major in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management!!

Congratulations Brother!!

Titus recently released his new EP titled "Conviction" and has gained some serious momentum!!

Great hustle bro!!

Kingdom Muzic Ministry Leader, Bryann Trejo's latest project made it onto the Billboard's Top 50!! KMF

Praise God Fam!!


JusJames released his latest project and it is super dope!!

Great album bruddah!!

MonoLythik is due to release his first project under OmniGod Music Group in June!!


Tneek is wrapping up her next project and it sounds incredible!!

Great job sis!!

JMM [formerly Pyrexx has been promoting his new clothing line I Am Made New Apparel and is working on his first EP to be released under OmniGod Music Group.

Good Hustle Bro!!

Jonny B aka Sherlock is almost done with his first project to be released under Hog Mob / OmniGod Music Group!!

Goin' Super Saiyan!! 


We want to thank you for being a part of the greatness that God is creating within OmniGod Music Group and encourage you to keep up the excellence!!

Please remember to check in from time to time and see whats new on the site!!