In Psalms chapter 95 we are instructed, "O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before His Presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms." There can be no misinterpretation of this command. We must use the talents Our Father has gifted us with to bring honor and glory to Him. Brandon and Ryan Leitru refuse to shy away from this decree.

Taking up what some of their fellow Christians might call "unconventional" arms Nothing Left stands ready to enter the battlefield of spiritual warfare with axes high and voices loud. With a hardcore barrage Ryan and Brandon are ready to let the powers of this world know they will no longer be participating in the sick games of death and destruction. Destroy and Rebuild, the band's debut EP, is an aggressive letter of divorce from the mindset that has enslaved humanity since the very first choice that led us away from The Most High. 

Although they have an evidently unapologetic and at times overwhelming sound, Nothing Left shares their personal thoughts with a vulnerability rarely seen in believers these days. Admitting such things as, "this is the place where light and dark collide. Shattering memories that plague my mind" we are given a glimpse into an inner turmoil that can only be healed by our High Priest Jesus. While we are saved from the consequences of sin songs like 'Hands Of Death' remind that we are still subject to it's effects such as losing someone we were close to. "Day by day by day. The void you left doesn’t go away. I feel the pain that you felt. And now I’m trapped in this living hell". 'Eternal Defiance' aims specifically at those who believe they can "lie to get what's left to give" that "Death will always follow you when you tip the Scales of Justice!" The last two songs of the EP address the sinking feelings that there is 'No Way Out' and due to the continual downward spiral of our society they have "lost hope in humanity".

Thankfully, despite the overall energy we are not left with a sense of hopelessness dangling at the end of a very short rope. Nothing Left and we know there is only ONE answer to all this grief and heartache. Once one loses Faith in their fellow man they are then able to lay down their fears and shame at the feet of YaHuWaH. A trip down a raw emotional road, Destroy and Rebuild is a literal cry to wake up to the world around you: See it, Leave it, Believe, and Receive. Fill yourself with God until there is Nothing Left, of you.


Larson Messenger is an Executive Writer for OmniGod.