I am a firm believer ofpraise and worship in any form. God gets the glory while the message stays the same. In an industry where fame and fortune are not the focal point of why any artist pursues it you get authenticity from an artist like Minister Taf.

Whether you call it CHH (Christian Hip Hop) or good ole praise and worship with a twist it still remains the purpose of why most artists stay true to what they believe while being creative as well as original.

It is important to realize that what you see and hear is all Gods doing. Minister Taf has a sound that I have never heard but I welcome wholeheartedly. This album titled G.I.F.E. (God Is For Everybody) states that gospel is in fact made for the masses comes with a sound as well as vibe that will grab the attention of your ears and heart. It also makes you dance.

The positive energy that has been crafted into this 17 track album is not to be slept on. It is refreshing to know that the world has options but not when it comes to the Word.

Minister Taff doesn't shy away from the Truth in his music. In fact he dives into it with songs like "Bad Company" and "One Take (freestyle)". If you run across a song called "Guide and Protect", which I played loud in my car, you will hear a sound familiar to what you listen to now. The energy is real. Featuring PC Patton, this song is one of my favorites. The remix to this song is fire as well. Offering a feature from Marky Hammer it takes it to another level.

I love this album because it is diverse and different yet original . Most importantly Minister Taf keeps God at the front. Knowing "God is For Everybody" what better way is there to say it. This album is worth every penny you invest.


Phillip "Philly" Rosas is a Writer for OmniGod Music.