MadeSacreds "Hustle Hard" is a track that has three of the best artists together on one, well thought out, well produced track.

Pittsburghs own MadeSacred (President and Artist of the amazingly fast growing OmniGod Music Group) creates a song featuring JMM (formerly known as Pyrexx) who is now rolling with 3Geez and rocking "ThoroughBreadz" along with John Jay doing what he does best on the chorus. All three make this track everything that it is.

JMM provides a very versatile flow giving the beat some Houston flavor, while MadeSacred keeps the momentum going with a high energy flow. John Jay adds to it with a flawless performance. OmniGod Music doesn’t disappoint with this one. If there was ever a feature to look forward to, this one is it. Hustle Hard keeps it 100 as it sheds light on the immense amount of work it takes to be an artist in this industry as well as the image of Christ they strive to show. To hustle for Christ comes with its complications. None the less we grind. We get up each day and "Hustle Hard."

With a song that every one can relate to, the hustle in life is well worth the reward God promises will follow.


Phillip Rosas is a Writer for OmniGod Music.