Last year one of the most powerful songs I discovered was Kirk Franklin's “Intercession”.  The song appears on Franklin's 2015 album entitled “Losing My Religion”. 

I have been a fan of Kirk Franklin's music for close to twenty years. Kirk Franklin is a rare multi-faceted artist. He is a skilled songwriter, musician, lyricist, arranger, musical director, vocalist and producer.  Over the years Kirk Franklin has produced music that captivates and inspires me.  More often than not music is a form of entertainment but an artist like Kirk Franklin is able to utilize his music as so much more.

The song “Intercession” is a low key track compared to much of Kirk Franklin's more up tempo  output. The song opens with Kirk Franklin's impassioned plea, "Jesus please mention my name when you talk to your father today".  The raw emotion throughout the song is a rare thing.  There is minimal studio gloss or overdubbing.  It is solely Kirk Franklin's voice set to a soft piano. The song slowly builds, eventually adding a bit more instrumentation and more voices. The level of the song may come up a bit as it progresses, but Kirk Franklin's emotionally raw vocals remain.

I must be honest, this song brings me to tears nearly every time that I listen to it. Kirk Franklin presents a stripped down song with lyrics that are so real and so true.  The song is a simple prayer to The Lord in a time of honest brokenness.  It is also an acknowledgement of a need and appreciation for Jesus.  I am sure that every Christian can relate to the truth and honesty heard throughout the song.  Here are a few of the song's rich lyrics.

“I'm not that good

Don't pray like I should

Yet I'm amazed you get me through

Jesus please mention my name

See I got some bad news today

Be nice if you can carry this weight

What else to do

The safest place to hide is you

You are the door I now walk through

Jesus that's why I need you

That's why I need you

Appreciate you

Can't help but love you”

Many of us are intimidated by prayer.  Somehow we believe prayer needs to be lavishly poetic and full of scripture references.  In a church setting there may well be a time and a place for such prayers.  Many times in life simplicity and honesty may be all that we need.  Kirk Franklin's, “Intercession” illustrates how easy prayer to the The Father can be.  Open, brutally honest and simple; I need you because I can not do life on my own. I truly appreciate Kirk Franklin and the powerful message of this song.  I may be a sloppy, cried out mess by the time the song is over but I feel closer to Him in the process.

From time to time we all need to sit alone in Gods presence and have a good cry.  We need to simply cry out to Him and let it all out.  Life can be extremely challenging at times, even when we are walking with Him.   Sometimes we need to shut out everything else and focus on God. On who He is and what He has done for us. Sometimes all it takes is a simple prayer to make things better.   Throughout 2018 the song “Intercession” brought me tearfully into His presence and I am all the better for that time. 

Praise God!


Troy Tennard is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.