Christian Artist Hevn'Li Angel is a rapper, singer and songwriter out of San Diego, California. She is currently working on a solo EP, attending college for music and takes part in her local church. Over the years she has faced many struggles and challenges, but God has delivered her and she continues to push toward her success. 

In 2004, Hevn'Li Angel started writing rap inspired by her brother and male counterparts. In 2006, she was sent away to live with her father. Soon after arrival she stumbled across a bible in his garage, opened it up and found God. Following his path, she later got baptized and started attending church. In 2013, she released two singles and began touring with Topmics Undergound Hip Hop Platform releasing her first CD 'To Whom It May Concern Vol. 1'. This lead her to go on performing and touring with HOGMOB. Immediately following that tour, Hevn'Li Angel battled a 2 year walk, even struggling with faith at times. One night she finally cried out to God, how did she get so far from him? She was mixed up in the party scene for so long she didn't realize that she was just getting further and further away from him. After a night of crying out for forgiveness and repenting, God lead her back to the life He had always planned for her. This young woman is destined for greatness, and she will continue to fight for what God has given her!

Hevin'Li Angel no doubt fits in today's rap game. Songs "No Worry" and "Who You Seek'n" showcase her rapping abilities. "Trapped in a maze I'm trapped in a daze/ wishin' I could fly up up and away". She has a great flow and it's on point! Using today's trap beat rhythm, she demonstrates that Christian Rap goes just as hard! "So Clear" is a song that I truly related to. She talks about being in the streets when God came and it was "so clear" when she had accepted his presence. "Never trust them cuz I only trust him", "Got God with the squad with me". It is so true, the body and family of Christ is the hardest squad you could ever be a part of!

I would gladly recommend to anyone to give Hevn'Li Angel a listen, because I know they would love it!