When you think of a taco you more than likely think of the delicious hard shell or soft shell taco shell. Filled to the top with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. But this particular taco that God Nation is speaking of stands for much more. If you read through 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 you get an idea of what it means. With the shell being one body and the rest of the savory components being the many members our body parts are made of. It's not hard to imagine where this song is taking you. God Nation is a group of brothers. Beast and Chosen are their names. Founders behind the ministry Flight squad and creators of the wildly popular song "Slushie" they finally submerged with another dance crazed glory filled song. Anticipating an album drop called "Yes, there will be snacks" you can almost bet that this song sets the tone for an already great season in their lives.  This song is packed with great production and features M.O.G. aka Matthew Twine. He is a producer who has worked with many artists. You might have heard his sound elsewhere, but on this track he laces it up with lyrics as well as production. Beast and Chosen come out first blazing the track with their usual fierce and live spirit. This song has a message outside all the "litness". It's message is God's purpose and that the body should not be divided but rather all its parts should feel the same in concern for each other. "We shouldn’t be out shinning each other ". Beast speaks words of wisdom as he tries to give an in-depth vision of what this song really means to them. One body, all it's members forming one accord. I don’t know about ya'll but "I'm just trying to be a taco". :D