First of all, praise is due to God for His mercy and healing.

Freddie Lopez came to me for a review to his single "Dear Gracie" featuring Monica Hill Trejo that he wrote for his daughter Gracie. As a father myself I can’t imagine his heart ache during the time his daughter was sick. Being a friend and brother my heart was with him as were the hearts of his other friends and family.

"Dear Gracie" is a transparent heart felt song. In this track Freddie and Monica, whom I have heard sing on countless tracks, have a sense of praise. In the midst of all the pain and prayer Freddie found it in himself to go to God and give it all to Him. You didn’t have to look far to see that Gracie endured more than pain through the flu.

Watching the news you could see it wasn’t just a normal cold. At 2 years old Gracie's lungs collapsed. She had the first of numerous surgeries, multiple IV's and was placed on life support for the better part of a month or more. Gracie was being watched by doctors, nurses and God . With prayers from everyone, hope for Gracie's recovery was never out of sight.

Her family spent days and nights by her side at Primary Children's Hospital keeping us all updated. Facing the image of  their daughter on life support after complications from Flu and Pneumonia their faith was not rocked.

This is even more apparent on this track. A praise filled song to God. Freddie and Monica paint a perfect picture of what it is to be faithful and confident in God's will for His children through the storm. This testimony is far from over. Gracie's story hasn’t ended with a song or even this review. She continues to live on.

"Dear Gracie" should be an anthem for all who endure the storm to survive and speak praises to God. We love and are so supportive of this family. Our prayers are always with them and OmniGod will always be here for them.


Phillip "Philly" Rosas is Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.