Highest of praise to the Lord, I am greatly thankful for the opportunity I have been given to be a part of the Christian Hip Hop music scene. We have the gift of total access to the ministry of Jesus, and MadeSacred had his arms wide open. This artist, my brother in Christ, has blessed me with his hand into his story.  As an artist myself the album DYNAMIC has helped inspire me, motivate me, and encourage me on my walk with destiny.  

Not long ago, God revealed a testimony I came across by another Christian artist known as Sevin. This initially opened my eyes and my mind into the world of CHH (Christian Hip Hop). I had never listened to music that connected me so much to my struggle, my beliefs, my heart and my taste in music. I started researching CHH music nationwide and found MadeSacred in Pittsburgh. Once I heard his story I was completely blown away. Through my music journey and walk with Christ, DYNAMIC was truly a gift to me: The words I needed! Lifting me and giving me a sense of belonging! A true inspiration, and a true artist with epic love. Music that connects the world we live in, giving us hope. We are not alone! Christ is with us and we are the body! Truly connected through him, through ministry, through music.

MadeSacred gives me awesome good vibes with this album. These vibes will be releasing February 18th, 2017. Just 8 months after the release of his last album "SEVENTEEN". Dynamic Art is known to be energetic, with a sense of action dating all the way back to the 17th century. An era where there was a fascination with properties and effects on "light". As Christians, we are the light! Being "dynamic" stimulates change, progress, and spiritual growth. This album definitely reflects it's name! For example using range in Track 5, "East 2 West" ft. Holy Loc & EnKourage, this song shows love to our cities across the map, bringing us together and in-turn being "The Movement". Track 3 and 11, "Ride Wit Me" and "Friends" are the songs that I seem to keep on singing in my head. The words give me courage! I am reminded that I have brothers and sisters in Christ, a glorious family. Track 7, "Never Change" is a song that not only plays in my head but in my heart. MadeSacred sings "With every breath I'm breathing, I can feel you next to me". When you breath the word of God, he flows and works right through you. This music is ministry. Meditating on the word is our contact with God. Everyone has a key to their salvation and healing, and some of us have the same key to the same door. I see an open door of opportunities for sharing and proclaiming faith, and I receive it. I encourage you to let this music connect you! I encourage you to be a part of "The Movement"! God Bless In Jesus Name!