A beautiful and powerful voice, Danielle Renee aka “Crazy Worshipper”, brings encouragement and inspiration to life. Focusing on serving Christ through worship, she brings a soulful and uplifting spirit through her music that touches your heart with love and praise for our Lord. Danielle is also the founder of Danielle Renee Ministries (DRM), based on Praise and Worship; A mission to fuel a crazy worship fire inside of us, bringing intimacy between us and our King. Her audiences experience the presence of God due to her rich anointing.

Danielle Renee’s album “Worshipper” was released to the public September 2016. She completely gives her heart through her work; you can hear it and you can feel it. Her vocals connect to your soul in the highest! Most of her songs are very soothing. They brought me the warm feeling of love and family I remember having during the holidays. ‘Trading it all’ reflects on giving our life to God, and praising him for the joy it brings. She sings, “A purpose, a call, a divine plan for me”. It brought tears to my eyes because realizing and understanding our life with Christ is the most incredible and beautiful feeling obtainable. Another emotional piece ‘Closer’ plays a harmonic melody that flowed through my spirit, truly feeling closer and completely in his presence. Danielle’s songs invite the Holy Spirit, not just with a spiritual force but with the actual lyrics too. She also includes a few songs that are very uplifting and motivational, such as ‘You Reign’ and ‘The Harvest’. The kind of songs you listen to when you get up in the morning, to really wake you and get you moving. Her voice, heart, spirit, and soul shine through this album. God truly lives through her and I would recommend her music to anyone who would like to feel a piece of that glorious love we are all so blessed with!

Find Danielle at omnigodmusic.com/daniellerenee